Treat Yourself to a Rejuvenating Scalp and Face Massage

rejuvenating scalp and face massageIf you’ve never experienced a rejuvenating scalp and face massage before you’re in for a treat. The pure bliss to come from the gentle, firm manipulation of the pressure points in your scalp is relaxing by itself. But there are plenty of health and beauty benefits associated with a scalp and face massage as well. So if you’re considering a new style before heading off to college, you feel a bit scruffy around the edges or are just tight and need a shot of rejuvenation to get you through the day, Signature Male is your one stop destination for all things men’s grooming, style and comfort.

Boost Your Mood

During your scalp and face massage, your body will naturally increase its production of serotonin. This is a chemical the body releases to boost mood. A massage also increases blood flow in the region. With an increase of blood flow you’ll increase the amount of oxygen running through your head, which helps fight colds and and increase lymphatic drainage. Your stylist may choose to use massage oil including peppermint and menthol, which helps penetrate the skin and muscles.

Improve Hair Growth

Do you have thinning hair? Does it seem like it takes forever for your hair to grow back? If so, a scalp and face massage may be the perfect addition to your haircare regimen. Due to an increase in blood flow through the scalp, additional nutrients are delivered to the hair follicles, which in turn helps increase hair production. By regularly including a scalp and face massage, you’ll begin to see not only an improvement in the overall thickness of your hair, but it will begin to grow back faster. It’s just another excuse to stop on by Signature Male between cuts for a soothing massage.

Ease Allergy Symptoms

Spring can be an excruciating time of year for allergy sufferers. You’re either sniffling and sneezing your way through life or you have fog-brain from your allergy medicines. But with a scalp and face massage focusing on sinus pressure points, we can help relieve seasonal discomfort in the neck, around the face, and through the upper shoulder area.

The beauty of a rejuvenating scalp and face massage is it doesn’t take long. You may want it to never end, but when you’re tight on time and just need a quick way to relieve some stress, there’s nothing better than an fast and efficient massage of your scalp and face. So whether you’re looking for a stand alone massage or want to pair it with a hair cut, style, manicure or another service, Signature Male is the for-men salon dedicated to guys just like you.

Make an appointment at Signature Male online today for your rejuvenating scalp and face massage. You’ll be one step closer to an improved mood, less stress and a rejuvenated outlook on life! And don’t forget a Signature Male Gift Card for your favorite graduate!

Celebrate Your Graduate With the Gift of Style

gift of style for graduationGraduation is an exciting time for any young man. Whether finishing off high school or completing a college degree, walking up to receive a diploma is one of the most important moments in a person’s life. If you want to help your son, nephew or friend of the family celebrate, a gift is in order. But what should you give them? Sure, you can go with cash, but that’s somewhat impersonal. Give them something they will appreciate while still showing off your own personality. Instead of offering up the same old present everyone else will, give the gift of style for graduation.

Spa Just For Men

Signature Salon and Spa in Waukee, Iowa is unique in that it is designed specifically for men. After all, men have different style needs from women. To realize a different look, a man needs a hair stylist who works with men’s hair and knows how best to sculpt it. The services include much more than haircuts and styling, though. Your young graduate can also enjoy a relaxing massage, waxing or hand and foot detailing, all of which are designed with men in mind.

Give the Gift of Style for Graduation

The beauty of purchasing a gift card from Signature Male Salon is the graduate recipient can use it for any of the services offered at the salon. While he is more than able to use it for a brand new style or cut, he can use it for any of the services found in the salon. After all, he may have a job interview coming up and he wants a cut and a manicure. Or perhaps all of the extra work he put in at the end of school has him tense and a hot stone massage is the perfect remedy. Signature Male gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and are good toward any service offered.

At Signature Male, you’ll discover a brand new salon experience. As it is tailored just for men, your recent graduate will feel right at home, all while receiving exceptional service. So if you’re looking for the perfect present to show just how proud you are of your young graduate, give the gift of style for graduation.When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you’re on top of the world!

At Signature Male Salon in Waukee, you’re not just giving the gift of style for graduation, you’re gifting the gift of confidence. Schedule an appointment online today, give us a call at 515-224-4849 or stop by the salon at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230 in Waukee for more information.

New Hair Styles For Men at Signature Male

new hair styles for menYou feel your best when you look your best. Your hair style is a reflection of your inner style, so why not try something new? You don’t need to drastically shake up a current look, just consider some new hair styles for men offered at Signature Male. And don’t be afraid to go bold with an updated look!

The Classic Pompadour

If you have thinner hair and you’re looking for a cut to help make it look thicker, consider the classic pompadour. This isn’t a fade look. Instead, the hair is kept longer throughout, which gives you the appearance of thicker hair. Andrew Garfield has been rocking this look in recent years.

Throw Back to the 70s

In the 70s just about every hair style worked – big and curly, long and straight, short and neat. You could get away with nearly any style of hair you wanted! This trend has reemerged in 2017 as men are becoming more and more bold with their styles. Long hair with more texture is as popular today as a more clean-cut look, and can be far more versatile.

 Fade With Textured Finish

Justin Timberlake is a great example of this look. Back in the 90s there was the faded look on the sides with crisp texture on top (known as the Caesar). This fade is a nod to that look – but with a new twist. The lines are more pronounced and the fade starts with a shaved side and tapers up.

Ditch the Bun

The man-bun made its semi-glorious return a few years ago. However, the novelty of the bun has since faded and so has its popularity. If you currently have a man-bun you may want to consider something new for the summer. The medium textured look is a great way to go without cutting down on the length, although shorter hair can certainly help in the hot and humid Iowa summer.

Whether you’re looking for new hair styles for men or just a clean-up of your current style, the experts at Signature male will keep you looking good. So if you’re ready to take your style to the next level, make an appointment online today!

You Owe It To Yourself to Get a Professional Male Massage

professional male massageLet’s face it, life is demanding. Every day you deal with work, family activities, everything the universe throws at you and now tax deadlines are charging full steam ahead. You may feel slightly…overburdened. Take time out for yourself. Relax a little. You might not be able to cut loose and take a much needed vacation, but who says you can’t just enjoy the finer things in life 60 minutes at a time? With a professional male massage, your stress will disappear, your worries will be far away, and you’ll walk out feeling rejuvenated. If you’ve never received a professional male massage from a licensed massage therapist, you owe it to yourself. After just one appointment, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this your entire life.

Choose the Professional Male Massage for You

The professional massage therapists at Signature Male have been through rigorous training in most styles of massage. If you struggle with chronic muscle concerns and are under frequent stress at work, the Deep Tissue massage is for you. You can choose from varying levels of pressure so you aren’t walking out feeling bruised, but loose and relaxed. A Hot Stone massage applies soothing heat on key locations to help release the tightness in your muscles and melt away the tension you carry. Foot Reflexology can help ease pain and discomfort in various parts of the body. Through a Jacuzzi-style foot bath and by focusing on trigger points that link to different area, our massage therapists will alleviate those nagging aches and pains.

Cut Stress With a Massage

Life can be stressful. You’ll think you have finished one difficult task and another one will come flying right at you. With tax season coming to an end, your head might be swimming. Constantly worrying is bad for the body. It causes your muscles to tense up, which in turn affects both your health and daily performance. Do you battle frequent headaches, back pain or neck and shoulder tension? Regular massages have been found to reduce stress levels, which in turn can boost work and athletic performances. The male body is different and needs a massage therapist who understands how to properly work the thicker, larger muscles. At Signature Male, you will receive services specifically tailored for men.

Whether you’re looking for a full-service salon experience or a professional massage that will reinvigorate you and improve your performance and state of mind, you deserve the very best. Come visit SignatureMale at 14225 University Avenue, Ste. 230 in Waukee, or schedule your appointment online today.

Get Ready for Summer with Arm and Leg Waxing

arm and leg waxingA common misconception is that arm and leg waxing is a women’s thing. Sure, more women than men have wax treatments, but that doesn’t mean it is exclusive to either sex. Perhaps you are naturally hairy (think Robin Williams hairy) and just want to do away with all of the fuzz. Maybe you just like the way smooth skin looks and feels. Ultimately, you don’t need a reason. If you’ve never had your arms or legs waxed before, why not try it?

At-Home Products are Not the Same

There are plenty of at-home products you may have considered before. The problem is that none of these work very well. The hair removal cream sometimes works, other times it doesn’t. It almost always leaves your skin irritated, with hairy patches left behind amid the smooth areas. Razors require you to shave just about every day, and hair trimmers only work if you want to thin the hair out, not remove it. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t a great option for male at-home hair removal.

You’ll Feel Like a New Man

Having smooth arms and legs is an incredible feeling. No matter the amount of hair you currently have, with the hair gone you’ll feel clothing differently, the air will feel cooler in a breeze. Smooth, hairless skin cuts down on sweat and body odor and can make you more willing to dress for the Iowa summer heat. If you’re ready to feel like a new man, now is the time for a Signature Male arm and leg waxing.

No matter if you’re gearing up for summer, you want to get ready for that perfect tan, or you’re just tired of the thick fur of body hair, arm and leg waxing for men is far superior to any other form of hair removal. Stop with the chemical hair removers, messy home wax kits and handheld razors that leave your skin feeling like sandpaper! The arm and leg waxing for men from Signature Male is the perfect service to head into a fresh look for summer!

If you’re ready for a new, smoother, more touchable you, visit make your appointment online today. You can also call our salon at 515-224-4849 or just stop by to check us out at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230, in Waukee.

A Men’s Manicure or Pedicure is More Important Than You Might Think

men's manicure or pedicure, signature maleWhen it comes to a manicure, most people think of salons smelling of acrylic and full of women and young girls talking animatedly over their bright fake fingernails. Sure, that’s one kind of manicure and, more likely than not, it is not what you’re looking for. A men’s manicure or pedicure is more about protecting your skin, improving the general appearance of your hands and feet and giving you a presentable look you won’t want to hide. Every part of your body deserves to be taken care of. This includes your hands and feet.

It’s More Than Just Your Fingers and Toes

A men’s manicure or pedicure is more than just attention for your nails. Other aspects of your hands will be taken care of. Do you have calluses on your hands from lifting weights or playing basketball? These calluses may not bother you, but when you shake someone’s hand they can feel the rough, scratchy skin. If you’re going in for a meeting, you don’t want your first impression to be coarse feeling hands. At Signature Male, the calluses on your palm can be removed, showing off the smooth, comfortable skin underneath.

Bring Out Your Natural Masculinity

There is nothing manly about hangnails and jagged skin around the fingertips. More often then not, it portrays a sense that you lack attention to detail and are generally messy. If left untreated, it can leave your fingers susceptible to fungus and other bacterial conditions as well. With a hand and foot detailing at Signature Male, you can bring out a natural masculinity by maintaining your hands and feet. During your manicure or pedicure the dead skin will be removed, nails and cuticles trimmed and moisturized, and damage repaired.

Most men have never had hand or foot detailing. If you fall into this category, you don’t know what you’re missing! While you can simply trim your nails yourself, having a professional attend to your whole hand or foot is a relaxing experience every man should have. The next time you have a big business meeting, an interview or a hot date, take a good long look at your hands and ask yourself if they make a positive impression.

If you’re ready to take your personal appearance to the next level with a men’s manicure or pedicure, schedule an appointment online HERE or give us a call at 515.224.4849 today!

Keep Your Youthful Look And Ditch the Premature Gray

premature gray hair in menFor some guys, a little peppering of premature gray can come off as sophisticated and even sexy. George Clooney has rocked the premature gray for seemingly his entire career and it hasn’t slowed him down. He’s basically the modern day Cary Grant. Of course, that has also helped set him apart from the rest in the acting community, as that little bit of sophisticated manliness is perfect for certain roles. The same might not be the case in your career path. Outside of running a company or sitting on the board of directors, many industries (especially tech related) are seen as a young man’s game. While that doesn’t mean you need to start looking for Botox injections or immediately sign up for that chemical peel, you can take one major step by ditching the gray with professional hair color for men.

Ditch the Box

So many commercials and advertisements make it seem so easy to just pick up a box of hair color at the store. Then, after a few minutes, you’re back to your original, natural color. The problem is this is rather misleading. Your color of hair is unique. From the shade to any lightening due to the sun. However, the hair color products for men only come in a few one-size-fits-all colors. This means the chances of it matching your hair color perfectly is slim. If you scratched your car, would you cover it up with just a random paint? No, because it would stick out. Professional hair color for men services expertly craft a color specific for your hair, so it blends naturally.

Why Make a Mess

Coloring your hair at home can be messy. It can stain your skin as well as anything else it comes in contact with – towels, countertops, clothing, carpeting. You don’t want to show up to work with brown ink stains on your forehead. Carpets and towels don’t grow on trees, either. Once that dye gets into the carpet, it’s there for the long haul. Instead, ditch the mess and the frustration and go with our professional salon service. No mess, no fuss and we’ll do all the cleanup!

At Signature Male Salon and Dayspa, your hair is our passion. You will walk out of the salon with a beautiful, well cared for and perfectly cut hair style designed to turn heads and boost your self confidence. If you’re looking for the best hair color for men service, we not only can match your hair color, but cover up as much – or as little – of the premature gray as you want.

If you’re ready to take control of your hair color, contact Signature Male Salon at 515.224.4849 for your next appointment, or simply schedule online at your convenience.

Melt Your Stress Away With a Scalp and Face Massage

scalp and face massageThere are 42 muscles in the human face. Each one of these muscles helps you demonstrate your mood. From excited to see your dog after a long day of work to frustrated from dealing with that one coworker you could really do without. The constant shifting and perpetual movement of your face can leave it feeling fatigued, yet you may not actually realize just how tired it is. The gentle touch of our professional massage therapists can reduce your stress, improve circulation within the face and even soothe your sinuses. Whether you pair a scalp and face massage with a hair cut, manicure or other service, you’ll feel like a new man when you leave.

So Why Schedule a Scalp and Face Massage?

Above all else, a scalp and face massage feels great. Having an expert work the tension out of your facial muscles, apply calming moisturizers to your sensitive skin and manipulate pressure points is an incredible way to just relax. Unless your significant other is a massage therapist, having a facial massage at home can be awkward for everyone involved. By having your face and scalp massaged by one of our trained and certified technicians, you’ll experience a unique kind of comfort and stress relief.

Boost Circulation

Over time your muscles constrict. This makes it difficult for blood to properly circulate. By loosening up the muscles, blood can flow more easily through the tissue of your face. In return, your skin cells reproduce more quickly, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll get back that youthful glow you thought had disappeared.

Sinus Pain? No Problem

Sinus pressure isn’t just from a blockage in the nasal cavity. With a scalp and face massage, the muscles will soften, which helps open up the airways in your sinuses. This can greatly alleviate pressure. You’ll feel like a new man when the facial massage has finished.

At Signature Male, we want you to leave feeling happy, confident and excited about what life has in store for you. Feeling relaxed and great about yourself is an important ingredient for success and is the ultimate state of mind we strive for. From impressing a client at work to tossing the ball around with your kid at home, everything is easier and more comfortable when your muscles are loose.

Whether you’re interested in a scalp and face massage or you’re looking for one of our many other services, feel free to contact us and set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Skin Care Tips From Your Favorite Male Celebs

skin care tips, men's facials, skin care for menHave you ever seen a picture of a famous male celebrity and wondered what his secret is to looking young? Sure, having a bank account with a few extra zeros on the end probably helps, but not all men spring for surgery or medical procedures to maintain a youthful appearance. In fact, there are plenty of simple skin care tips most celebs will give that you or anyone else can follow, regardless of the budget. You are never too young to start safeguarding and protecting your skin. So who better to give advice than the men who are in front of cameras for a living?

Tips From David Beckham

David Beckham has played professional soccer, worked as a model, acted a bit and is married to an original Spice Girl. Needless to say he likely knows a thing or two about skin upkeep. So what kinds of beauty secrets does he keep? Not many, to be perfectly honest. He has gone on record, stating he cleanses and moisturizes in the morning. That’s it.

Cleaning your skin in the morning in order to free it of dead skin cells allows the fresh skin underneath to absorb more of the moisturizer. It is recommended to use a product with SPF in it. This way you’ll protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while out (or playing soccer like David) which is one of the most important skin care tips around.

Ageless Ricky Martin

Maybe Ricky Martin hasn’t put out a big time U.S. album in years (or are we approaching decades at this point?), but with his rugged good looks, strong chin and style, he can more than work a camera. So what skin care tips for men does he have? Don’t forget your hands.

That’s right, your hands are often ignored during a beauty routine, yet hands can give away your age more frequently than anywhere else on your body. So when you head out for that facial mask or peel, make sure to show some love to your hands and also schedule regular manicures.

John Stamos’s Secret

If there is anyone who should give skin care for men advice it is John Stamos. Has the guy even aged since playing Uncle Jesse 20 years ago? His advice is to go easy on all the heavy products and to simply let your skin breathe. John says once a week he skips all the moisturizer and care products just to allow his skin the ability to naturally breathe. Oxygen is good for the skin and it needs open pores every so often.

Have you been neglecting your skin this winter or maybe just want a fresh look for spring? Schedule your Signature Male appointment online today, or call our office at 515.244.4849 for more information on our luxurious services!

Show You Mean Business with Hand Detailing

male hand detailing, men's manicure, signature male salon and day spaWhen you hear the word “manicure” you probably instantly envision a group of women sitting along a wall, their feet in plastic tubs, while their hands are daintily worked on. While this may generally be true, there’s no shame in a strong manicure game. If you don’t like the term “manicure”, consider calling it hand detailing, much like you would have your sports car detailed. The fact of the matter is that a manicure is not only for women. Think about when you shake hands to close a deal, or grab for that glass of wine on a dinner date or take your partner’s hand – what image do you want to convey? You don’t want ripped cuticles, gnawed and ragged fingernails and rough, calloused skin. You can’t dress to impress and leave your hands looking unhealthy and haggard. With a male manicure, you’ll exfoliate the dead skin and bring out a youthful, rugged – yet handsome – hand underneath.

There Is a Difference Between Manicures for Men and Women

Now, you’re not going to go in for a male manicure and come out with French tips (unless you really want that, of course). Think of your hands and fingers as tools: You use them for just about everything. You need to maintain and clean your yard or auto or woodworking tools and the same holds true for your hands. You need to avoid dryness and keep them polished and smooth to avoid painful callouses and deep cracks. During a male manicure, the dead skin is removed and your nails are expertly smoothed and filed while you receive an extra dose of moisturizer.

Identify Health Concerns

More than improving the look of your hands, a manicure helps identify possible health concerns. Technicians can identify signs of fungus or other skin infections. Often times, the condition of the nails and hands may indicate more serious health concerns (similar to a dentist spotting early warning signs during a routine cleaning). Your personal technician can also help give you a skincare plan, so you can maintain your softer touch which is sure to impress those around you.

You owe yourself a day of relaxation and Signature Male offers the finest services specifically for men. Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle, massage service or foot and hand detailing, our services will help you look and feel your best. So give Signature Male a call at 515.224.4849 or schedule an appointment online today!