Relieve Your Seasonal Allergies with a Facial Massage

facial massage for men des moines, scalp and face massage, seasonal allergy reliefAlthough the temperatures in Iowa are pretty unbearable right now, summer still makes you want to spend every second you can in the great outdoors. Of course, when you suffer from seasonal allergies, you could be hit in the face with watery eyes and major congestion as soon as you open the front door. As Iowa drought conditions drag on, the weeds are flourishing and the pollen is everywhere. Yes, popping allergy medication can help, but did you know a facial massage can as well? Sure, you can’t fit a box of facial massages in your pocket, but at Signature Male, you’ll instantly feel the relief in ways medication can’t provide.

Promotes Drainage

Sure, there is nothing sexier to talk about than sinus drainage. However, when dealing with seasonal allergies you know sometimes you’ll do whatever it takes to help improve it. After all, that’s why so many people are pouring water through their nose with a tea kettle-looking contraption. Wouldn’t you rather sit back and relax as a professional gives you an excellent scalp and facial massage? This helps warm and open up the sinuses, which in turn improves drainage. You’ll feel like a million bucks as soon as you walk out the door. You can even schedule the appointment in conjunction with other services, if you want to take care of a cut or style at the same time.

Reduces Stress

Anxiety and high stress levels can actually increase your reactions to seasonal allergies. With your immune system and other parts of your body dealing with anxiety and stress, you have fewer defense mechanisms at the ready to combat these kinds of allergies. Thankfully, a facial massage can help alleviate both problems. Working over your face and scalp, you’ll quickly discover just how much stress you carry in these muscles. By reducing the stress in your muscles (usually from clenching your jaw while you sleep or from not telling your boss what you really think) you’ll feel so much calmer and relaxed. This relaxation and break from stress then helps your body battle your seasonal allergies.

Signature Male is your one stop location for treating yourself the way you should be treated. Whether you want a relaxing facial massage or you’re interested in a signature cut and style, everything you need to look and feel your best is found right here.

When you’re ready to see how a facial massage can ease your own seasonal allergies, call our salon at 515-224-4849 or schedule your own appointment online today!

Make Hair Color for Men Work for You

hair color for menIf you’re like many guys, you might feel a bit uneasy when it comes to hair color for men. Even if you fully embraced the Slim Shady look in your youth, going completely bleached blonde may not be in your current, professional future. So what can you do? At Signature Male, we want to help you discover hair color for men doesn’t need to be difficult. Instead, you can and should use it to accent and enhance your current look. After all, to feel your best you need to look your best.

Going Gray?

Going gray doesn’t need to be a death sentence. In fact, it can be a way to enhance your look. George Clooney has been gray for decades, yet he fully embraced it. Steve Martin, while not a fashion or style icon, has looked more or less the same for the last 30 years because of his gray hair. If you just have a gray spot here or there you may want to restore it back to its original color. However, gray peppering through your hair can be elegant and we can help ensure it gives you the distinguished, George Clooneyesque look.

Enhancing Your Color

Enhancing natural color is something women have been doing for years, yet men have been a bit standoffish with regards to color enhancements. This doesn’t need to be a full change of color or anything like that. We can add the sun-kissed look, making your hair shimmer with natural-looking highlights. Layering is an excellent way to enhance your current color as well. This can be used along with your specific cut, whether you’re going with a fade or a more traditional cut and style.

Over time, your hair color can fade a bit and lose some of the vibrancy it had when you were younger. We can help bring that vibrancy back. There’s nothing that says hair color men needs to be jarring and obvious. With a color enhancement treatment, our expert stylists will work with you on identifying the very best look to bring that vibrant color back into your life. Let’s make your hair enhancement happen together.

Whether you’re coming in to cover up gray or you want to enhance your current hair color, at Signature Male you’ll receive a personal, unique look tailored just to your specific needs. Our stylists are experts at hair color for men, so stop by our West Des Moines salon location or make an appointment online today! You’ll love the way you look when you leave.

Tips for Winning the Beard Care Battle

beard care tipsBeard care doesn’t just stop and end with growing it out. There is so much more you need to be doing to take proper care of it. Just like the hair on your head, it needs attention. At Signature Male, we want to make sure you always look and feel your best. But while we can help trim and shape your beard, it is up to you to keep and maintain it. So no matter what stage you’re in growing your beard, make sure to follow these steps of proper beard care.

Keeping Your Beard Clean Matters

Just because your beard is on a different part of your head besides the top doesn’t mean you should treat it differently. You need to wash it just like you would your hair. So when you shower, shampoo your beard at the same time. Consider a mild shampoo though, as it will come in contact with your face. You may also want to add in conditioner. The hair on your beard is thicker and coarser than on your head, but it can still soften up your facial hair.

After the shower, pat dry your beard with a towel. If you let it dry on its own it may begin to tangle. You should also comb your facial hair out – pick up a wide-toothed comb for this. You’ll avoid nasty tangles that can pull on your skin.

Beard Oil

This is a personal preference, although highly recommended. Beard oil helps moisturize your facial hair. Due to its coarseness, it is difficult to take care of the necessary moisturizing in the shower. The oil will help improve the quality and strength of your hair. It also helps with the shape. This way, you have a bit more control over what your beard is doing on a daily basis.

At Signature Male, what we do is all about getting you looking and feeling your best. While we will always do our part, much of the work takes place at home. When growing out your beard, follow each of these tips to ensure a lush, thick and soft beard. After all, if you’re going to grow a beard, you might as well do it right!

Win the beard care battle with Signature Male! If you’re ready for a professional beard trim, want a new cut to go along with your growing beard, or are interested in something completely different, book an appointment ONLINE or give us a call at 515-224-4849 today!

5 Tips to Healthy Hands For Men

Healthy Hands For Men Are Often Over Looked – They Shouldn’t be!

Looking good and making a strong first impression is usually at the top of every man’s goal list. healthy hands for men, male manicure, hand detailingWe all know that working out and eating healthy is the only way you’re really going to get close to achieving that fitness model body. And it’s a no-brainer to never underestimate what good hair can do for you. By now you’ve probably been exposed to thousands of advertisements for skin care products to keep your face smooth and clear, but taking care of your hands just doesn’t seem to get the same attention.

And that’s not something you want to overlook. Your hands need just as much pampering and attention to look your best. After all, your hands are hard at work all day pounding away on the keys at a computer or hard at work on a construction site. Mix in sports, driving, car repairs, yard work, and all the other stuff you do, and your hands can get pretty beat up. Give your hands a little more attention with these 5 tips to healthy hands for men.

1. Keep your hands hydrated.

The simple fact that your hands are exposed to open air and the elements means they can get dry and rough. Do yourself a favor and use a moisturizing hand lotion once or twice a day. Your friends, business associates and significant other will thank you!

2. Wash your hands with warm or cool water.

If you’re like most people, you wash your hands with hot water. Hot water may help kill additional germs on your hands, but it’s bad for your skin. Hot water can dry out your skin and cause redness, cracking and rough spots. When it’s time to wash your hands, use warm water or even cold water instead. Lathering on the soap and scrubbing thoroughly for 20 to 30 seconds is just as effective at removing germs as using hot water without drying out your skin.

3. Use sunblock on your hands.

It’s another one of those areas that’s often neglected. Most people know sunscreen is important to protect the face, but your hands need the same protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays to prevent skin damage, sun spots, and cancer. If you’re going to be outside for more than 15 minutes, put sunscreen on in all the right places, including your hands.

4. Deep clean your hands with exfoliating scrub.

Take a closer look at your hands, and you’ll see hundreds of lines and pathways in your skin that can collect dirt and germs. Your usual hand-washing routine before meals is probably good enough to remove germs. But your hands need a little more attention than that. Use an exfoliating scrub a few times a week to keep your skin soft and smooth and younger looking. And if you work in a job where you get your hands extra dirty, you may want to do this more often.

5. Get a manicure.

No, you don’t need your nails painted or to pick out some cute little decals. Manicures – or hand detailing – are also for men. Make an appointment for a manicure, and your hands will get the royal treatment that will keep your nails and cuticles trimmed, your skin soft and smooth, and your hands looking better than ever.

Signature Male Salon has a number of great services, including hair cut and color services, massages and foot and hand detailing to achieve healthy hands for men. Give us a call at 515-224-4849 or click HERE to schedule an appointment online today!

Take Summer Hairstyle Cues From These Hot MLB Players

summer hairstyleSummer is the perfect season to try out a brand new hairstyle. With the warmer weather in Iowa, you’ll want a bit less weight to keep you feeling cool, no matter what you’re doing. When it comes to both style and comfort, there’s no better individual to look towards than a professional summer athlete. Major League Baseball players play 162 games, mostly in hot and humid weather conditions while also wearing heavy uniforms and wool hats. To help keep them cool on the field while still looking great off the baseball diamond, many turn to stylish summer cuts. Here are some summer hairstyle looks to consider if you’re interested in keeping fresh and cool.

Messy and Uniform

Many players want to look good without spending much time doing up their hair as well. If this sounds like you, take style notes from Adam Eaton. The Washington Nationals outfielder keeps a uniformed, tapered-on-the-sides-but-messy-on-top cut. This way, whether he’s just pulling of his hat or heading out after the game, it is one of the summer hairstyles that’s easy to maintain and always looks good.

Wavy Bangs

You’ll notice most players keep the hair on the sides of their head short. This way heat can escape while wearing their cap. The wavy bangs look, demonstrated by Trea Turner, is one of the summer hairstyles that keeps hair short on the side as it tapers up to longer bangs on top. This look will keep you cool on the field and looking cool off.

Natural Afro Top

Does your hair go up in a natural afro? Embrace it. Keep the sides trimmed and let the top of your hair continue upwards. It gives you a sleeker, thinner looking face. Rays’ pitcher Chris Archer pulls off this look and puts the “style” in summer hairstyle.

There’s nothing better than a little fun in the sun. However, if you have a heavy hairstyle you may feel weighed down in the heat and humidity of Iowa. That makes summer the perfect time of year for a brand new cut. Whether you’re interested in borrowing a look of one of these Major League Baseball players or you want to go a different route, Signature Male will ensure you’re always looking good and feeling great!

When you’re ready to explore a fresh summer hairstyle, set up your Signature Male appointment online today. It’s also a great chance to pick up gift cards for the men in your life, for any occasion!

June 18 – Let Dad Know Just How Special He Is This Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18th – How will you pamper the men in your life?

You want to let Dad know how much he’s loved and appreciated this Father’s Day, right? Are you struggling with finding just the right gift to make him feel as special as he is? Signature Male has your answer!

Today, through June 18, we are offering two amazing Father’s Day Special Gift Packages to meet any budget and thrill every Dad!

Signature Male is a West Des Moines, Iowa-based Men’s Hair Salon and Spa. At Signature Male, your dad, your grandpa, brother, cousin or any other guy in your immediate circle can get their hair styled by a team of professional stylists, get a massage, a facial as well as hand and foot treatments – all while relaxing with their favorite beer or a glass of wine! Now who could pass up a day like that?

For over 15 years Signature Male has been making men feel and look their best, so for this Father’s Day, why not treat that special man in your life with the gift of relaxation and pampering fit for a king?

These special packages are available, starting immediately and going through Father’s Day – Sunday, June 19th.

father's day gift package massage hair cut
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Father’s Day Special #1

  • 60 minute relaxing massage
  • Signature Haircut
  • Complimentary beverage (craft beer, wine, coffee, soda)

Normal Price $102.00
Fathers Day Special $59.00

Special father's day gift ideas for des moines dad
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Father’s Day Special #2

  • 90 minute relaxing massage
  • Hand & Foot Detail w/ paraffin treatment
  • Signature Haircut w/scalp treatment
  • Complimentary beverage (craft beer, wine, coffee, soda)

Normal Price $238.00
Father’s Day Special $139

Click here to go to our “Shop” page to purchase and download your special Father’s Day gift now.

OR, simply click here to go to our contact page and let us know you’re interested in purchasing a Special Father’s Day Package for your favorite guy!

Recover Faster and Improve Performance With a Sports Massage

sports massage, sports injuryAfter hitting the hardwood, playing the back nine or striking out the side in your softball league, do you return home feeling stiff and store? If so, consider booking yourself a massage. Don’t just look for any massage though. A sports massage especially targets areas of your body you use more frequently playing sports. By addressing these sore and tight muscles right away, you’ll experience a reduced level of pain while playing, in addition to improving your overall performance potential thanks to an increased range of motion. At Signature Male, you have access to several different methods of male massage. As an athlete, the sports massage may just become your best friend.

How Can a Sports Massage Improve Performance?

While a sports massage feels great, there are many other benefits associated with it. It can promote relaxation and battle muscle fatigue in the future. By working your muscles and loosening up the tissue, blood flow improves. Increasing blood flow helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue and other areas of the body, which cuts recovery time.

A sports massage performed before an athletic event can reduce your level of anxiety while increasing your alertness and mental clarity. This is desirable for any and all athletic activities and just might give you an edge over the competition.

Difference Between Sports Massage and Traditional Massage

A traditional massage, such as a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, focuses on the entire body, although you can have it directed towards a specific area. The idea here is to work out knots and reduce overall tension in the body. With a sports massage, the focus is on the areas of your body you not only use most frequently, but are more likely to injure. This can be around your shoulders if you swim, golf, play baseball or tennis, to reduce injury potential for a rotator cuff. By having your upper legs worked on, you can help prevent cramping and reduce your level of soreness as you go farther and faster each time you hit the road or the field. You can also make location requests. With a sports massage, our expert therapists will pull the soreness right out of your body, leaving you relaxed and loose.

Improve your range of motion while improving your performance. If you’re interested in reducing discomfort while taking your game to the next level, book an appointment with Signature Male for the sports massage service. While you’re at it, pick up a great gift card for Father’s Day!

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair with Waxing for Men at Signature Male

waxing for men, summer funSummer is the season to be outdoors, which means you’ll be hitting the pool or lake and doing other activities that typically require you to ditch the shirt. When you take your shirt off, are you self conscious about your body hair? Perhaps you have those Robin Williams arms, or just patches of hair around your back. Whatever it is, summer is the time to simply have fun, without worrying about people seeing you with less clothing. So ditch the hair and take advantage of the waxing for men services offered by Signature Male.

Little Goes a Long Way

Maybe you wouldn’t be considered a super hairy guy, you just happen to have it come in bunches on certain areas of your body. Whether it is right around your nipples, on the backs of your arms or in patches on your back, this non-unified look can be a bit distracting. Why not take care of it and get that neat, streamlined look? While you might not have as much hair as the Burt Reynolds wanna-be down on the other end of the pool, the odd growth patterns makes yours far more noticeable. Signature Male’s waxing for men services can correct this.

Male Facial Waxing

Waxing isn’t just for large clumps of hair on your body. It can be done in a much more finely orchestrated method. Eyebrow waxing is something you shouldn’t just leave for the ladies. If you’ve never had your brows waxed before, there’s a good chance your eyebrows have attempted to expand their natural borders and have become a bit thicker than desired. Waxing can make a subtle yet startling improvement to your overall appearance. Best of all, when making an appointment for eyebrow waxing, you can have other facial services done. Don’t forget about the pesky ear hair that likes to creep up out of nowhere.

Looking great is all about boosting your confidence and making you feel good in your own skin. Summer has a way of making anyone much more conscious of the little things they would like to change or fix. If that for you is unwanted hair, now is the time to do something about it. Shaving your body hair is time-consuming, you have to do it nearly every day, you can’t reach all the spots, and you’re left with rough, scratchy skin. Waxing for men at Signature Male will take that shaving pressure off you and will give you a smooth, uniform look you’ll be proud of. Shed the shirt and feel beach-ready this summer!

If you’re interested in any of the spa treatments, hair styling or waxing for men services at Signature Male, contact us today by calling 515-224-4849 or schedule an appointment online. Get 15% off your first visit as a new Signature Male customer or 20% off services when you bring in a friend as a new customer! Click HERE for more information.

Getting Your Best Shave in 5 Easy Tips

best shaveIf you’ve been searching for ways to get your best shave every time, you’re not alone. In a world of big beard trends, some guys prefer the neat and clean look. Although Signature Male doesn’t offer shaving services, we do know a thing or two about taking care of the skin on a man’s face. All the marketing hype surrounding shaving and skincare products can be a little dizzying at times. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy every product to get your best shave. All you really need is a few basic things and the right techniques, and you’ll get the smooth, clean-shaven look you’re after without doing damage to your skin.

1. Wash your face before shaving

. Use a mild soap or face scrub to wash your skin before you shave. This helps removes oil from your skin and facial hair, and makes it easier to get a clean shave. Washing your face also exfoliates your skin, prevents pores from clogging, and keeps your face and skin looking fresh.

2. Use new blades

. Despite the claims made by electric razor hucksters, your best bet for getting a clean shave is going with a traditional razor without a battery pack or motor. Using fresh blades regularly will help you get a clean shave, avoid inflammation, and the tendency to rake your face to get the smoothness you’re looking for.

3. Keep your skin moisturized

. Using a men’s moisturizer regularly or shaving in the shower helps make your facial hair easier to cut with your razor. If you do shave in the shower, use an anti-fog mirror to see what you’re doing. It’s actually a good way to cut down on time in the bathroom when you’re on a tight schedule to get out the door.

4. Avoid alcohol-based shaving products

. Take a trip down the shaving needs aisle at the store and read the ingredient labels for shaving cream and aftershaves. You’ll discover than many of them contain alcohol. And that can be a problem. Using alcohol-based shaving products can increase the likelihood of developing razor burn, ingrown hairs, or minor skin irritations. Instead of using an alcohol-based foamy lather, consider using foamless shaving creams with ingredients designed to protect your skin without the alcohol.

5. Use aftershave

. Like we mentioned above, steer clear of alcohol-based aftershaves. In case you didn’t know, applying alcohol-based aftershave after shaving can practically set your face on fire. Go with a lotion-based aftershave or balm. This practice will help keep your skin smooth and healthy and help prevent ingrown hairs and other skin irritations.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re getting ready to shave or you’re shopping for shaving products, and you’ll have everything you need to get your best shave. Better yet, visit Signature Male for one of our amazing men’s facials to rejuvenate or repair your skin!

Visit Signature Male Salon at 14225 University Avenue, Suite 230, give us a call at 515-224-4849 or simply schedule an appointment online by clicking HERE!

Give a Salon Package to Celebrate the Man in Your Life

salon packageGraduation, birthday, Father’s Day – it can be hard to find the perfect gift for the men you love. How many ties does Dad need? Your brother can only wear so many graphic tees and you most likely can’t afford to buy your husband the muscle car he’s been eyeing. So how can you celebrate the men in your life and tell them how much they mean to you? A salon package from Signature Male will introduce your husband, father, brother or son to an experience they’ll never forget!

Salons aren’t only for women. It’s not unreasonable for a man to want to change up his style or to relieve that stress that’s been building up in his neck and back. Some men feel there’s a stigma to salon services that will make them seem less masculine. You know he would love it, but he may need a little push in the right direction. One of Signature Male’s fantastic salon packages is just right!


    (Lunch included) – $275.00
    Signature cut, Scalp treatment, Hand detailing, Foot detailing, Paraffin foot treatment, 30min. Foot reflexology, De-stressing facial, 30 min. Swedish massage
         WITH 1 HOUR MASSAGE, ADD $18.00 ($293.00)

  • “MR.GQ”

    (Lunch included) – $206.00
    Signature Cut, Scalp Treatment, Hand Detailing, Foot Detailing, Paraffin Foot Treatment, 30min. Foot Reflexology, 30 Min. Swedish Massage
         WITH 1 HOUR MASSAGE ADD $18.00 ($224.00)


    – $189.00
    Hand Detailing, Foot Detailing, Paraffin Foot Treatment, De-stressing Facial, 30 Min. Swedish Massage
         WITH 1 HOUR MASSAGE ADD $18.00 ($207.00)


    – $109.00
    Hand Detailing, Foot Detailing, 30 Min. Swedish Massage
         WITH 1 HOUR MASSAGE ADD $18.00 ($127.00)

A great haircut can be a boost to your morale. When it is combined with a soothing facial, massage, hand/foot detailing, reflexology therapy, and scalp treatment – you will feel like a new man! You can expect to walk away from our salon feeling as good as you look.

Are you ready to experience the confidence that comes with feeling great, and knowing you look great? Try a Signature Male Salon package, and see why we are the best men’s hair salon in Des Moines. Give us a call at 515-224-4849 or schedule an appointment online today!