Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

Male pattern baldness treatment from the finest salon for men in West Des Moines

If you have noticed your hair thinning or hairline receding, you may be concerned about male pattern baldness. For the most effective, cutting-edge treatments come to Signature Male Salon and Day Spa, the premier West Des Moines men salon.

Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is the leading cause of hair loss in men. Although it is primarily an inherited condition, it is triggered by a natural biochemical reaction. It begins with testosterone which enters hair follicles through the androgen receptors. The naturally occurring enzyme, 5AR, converts testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). With prolonged exposure to DHT, hair follicles can decrease in size and become less active.New hairs become increasingly thin, because the size of the shaft is determined by the size of the follicle. As the condition progresses, follicles eventually quit producing new hairs. Some areas of your scalp are most sensitive to DHT and will be the first to respond. This creates the recognizable pattern of receding hairline, which will continue to proceed without treatment.1
Simple oral medications can effectively reduce the production of DHT. In the early stages of male pattern baldness, this can be sufficient to stop or reverse hair loss.There is a wide range of options including:

  • Topical serums such as minoxidil are specially formulated to open the hair follicles and stimulate the active growth phase. They work to stop hair loss and encourage the growth of full, healthy hair.
  • Laser therapy stimulates growth and improves scalp circulation. The increased blood flow delivers more protein and nutrients to developing hairs making them fuller and healthier.
  • Surgical transplants can be an effective treatment for advanced stages.

If you have male pattern baldness, there is no need to feel insecure about your appearance, or hide it under a hat. You may be uncomfortable seeking treatment for baldness from a “beauty shop” hair salon, in the company of predominantly female clients. When you come to Signature Male Salon and Day Spa, your West Des Moines men’s salon, you will feel at ease in a masculine, comfortable environment. You can feel confident in the care of experts who are trained and experienced in men’s hair problems.

If you are ready to regain your youthful appearance and confidence, call us today!

Hair Transplant Services to Help You Feel Your Best

Hair Transplant – Services to help you look and feel your best

If you are looking for a personal services business that focuses solely on issues important to men, in a male-centered atmosphere, you are in luck. Signature Male is recognized as the area leader in men’s services for all of their body and hair needs such as spa treatments, hair restoration, and haircuts. We invite residents of Des Moines and the surrounding region to visit our comprehensive, male-oriented business to get the treatment they deserve.Are you searching for a shop that offers haircuts by the nation’s top men’s fashion stylists? Are you looking for the leader in restoration options for hair loss in Iowa? Or perhaps you’d like a massage by a therapist who is trained in the specific needs of males? Signature Male offers a range of professional services not found under one roof anywhere else in this area.


Our management team has worked hard to make sure services are delivered in a male-focused atmosphere. Conveniently located on University Avenue, we’ve made it easy and comfortable for the men of Iowa to get treatments that they need most, including massage, hair restoration, and the hottest haircuts around.

Signature Male is also the place in Des Moines to discuss your hair loss, with our confidential and compassionate staff. You will be thoroughly evaluated by a doctor trained in both the causes of hair loss and hair thinning, as well as the latest in treatment options. As the leader in hair treatment for men, Signature Male offers a wide variety of alternatives to address your hair loss.

Our most popular hair loss solution at this treatment center in Des Moines is the hair transplant. This natural-looking option uses your own hair to populate other areas of your head that are lacking. There is no after-care needed. You simply treat the transplanted hair like your other natural locks. This procedure is conveniently performed in our office.

Whether you’d like to schedule some much-deserved pampering, a terrific haircut, or serious advice on hair loss solutions, call Signature Male today.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

Des Moines Hair Loss Treatment Options

Every man wants a full head of hair. Having thick hair makes a man’s appeal skyrocket. Whether those locks are blonde, dark, or gray, a woman is more likely to be attracted if he has hair over his entire head. This helps to explain why hair loss treatment for males is so popular in Des Moines.Usually the first clue is noticeable thinning of the hair. This thinning is typically first seen on the top of the head. Men might notice a hairline that seems to be receding. This is the perfect time to think about engaging the services of Signature Male.It is important to take action right away when decreased hair volume becomes visible. It is likely that treatment options will be more successful if it is addressed when hair loss is just beginning. In addition, a treatment plan that includes provisions for continued hair loss can be

When choosing a treatment center that focuses on hair restoration for males, it imperative to look for experience and knowledge in the field. For example, it is not enough for the professionals to know how to restore hair. They must also know the science behind hair loss. Only with that knowledge can the treatment center fashion a viable long-term solution to your thinning hair and the inevitable baldness that will result if treatment is not sought.

When it comes to treating hair loss, most options fall into two categories: surgical or medical. The type of treatment that is needed will be determined after an evaluation by the trained staff at Signature Male, specializing in hair loss. In addition, your desires will, of course, be taken into consideration when deciding which method is the best your situation.

In general, if the hair loss is slight or moderate in nature, you’ll have a wider range of options for treatment. For example, there are several types of medicines available for thinning of that magnitude. With greater hair loss, surgery or laser therapy may be great, lasting solutions.

Solutions for Your Thinning Hair

Signature Male has solutions for your thinning hair

In years past, once you started to go bald, you just had to live with it. There were few options available for men who suffered thinning hair. Even a change in hair style (like “the comb-over”) did little to hide the appearance of hair that was thinning more each to fix thinning hair Some men go through hair loss denial, initially. Especially if the thinning begins on top, where they don’t have to look at it. For awhile, it’s a case of “out of sight; out of mind.” Thinning on the front of the head, often called a receding hair line, is more typical, and also easy to deny. Maybe you noticed a small amount of thinning over a long period of time. Then, one day, you woke up and realized that your hair line is quite a bit farther back than you remembered.Enter the hat. Whether it is a ball cap or a more sophisticated look, many men turn to wearing them in public in an effort to hide the fact that they are dealing with thinning hair.

You are one of thousands of men in Des Moines looking for a solution to manage hair loss. It is in your best interest to stop denying and covering up the fact that you are losing your hair.

You need to seek out the services of a highly qualified treatment center such as Signature Male. Armed with the latest in research and technology, this innovative treatment center focuses on the unique needs and issues surrounding hair loss, from a man’s point of view. This isn’t your father’s era. Today men’s hair treatment centers offer a wide range of different options to address the issue.
A hair transplant is one of the most popular treatments chosen by Des Moines men. Many men, just like you, cite the natural look of the transplanted hair, as well as minimal scarring associated with this technique, as two of the primary reasons for their choice.

Don’t let hair loss make you look older than you feel. Call Signature Male today for a consultation.

Benefits of Massage for Men

Massage Therapists in Iowa – Benefits of Massage for Menmassage for men in central iowa

When massage therapy is performed in a scientific manner, it can offer numerous benefits to men in all age groups. A massage in Des Moines Iowa can be a great stress buster for men who may have demanding work schedules and other responsibilities that can exhaust them both mentally and physically. Some of the best massage therapists in Iowa use excellent massage techniques to ensure optimal benefits for the body and mind.

Health Benefits 
Massage therapy has been traditionally known to rejuvenate, restore and relax the human body. Advanced massage techniques performed today can help to improve blood circulation and lower the blood pressure. Pain management becomes easier with massage and flexibility of the body can improve. Immune system gets strengthened when appropriate massage therapy is used consistently over a period of time. Massage therapy is also believed to reduce anxiety and depression. It can be a great help for patients of painful diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, TMJ, musculo-skeletal disorders, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stress Reduction
Stress management is one of the most crucial requirements for men who lead a highly stressful lifestyle. Massage therapy is one of the most effective solutions to reduce stress levels. Continued stress and tension can result in weakening of the body’s immune system, and massage can help to reverse this process and reinvigorate the immune system. A regular user of massage therapy will notice a significant improvement in energy levels and a gradual reduction in stress.

Improvement in Body Posture
Some of the skilled massage therapists in Iowa help men to achieve an improved body posture by reinforcing natural and healthy body movements. A poor posture not only spoils a man’s personality, but it may also result in body pains and other troubles. If the condition continues to remain unattended for a long time, it may cause permanent body limitations and a higher physical wear and tear. Scientific massage techniques can help to restore the body posture and enable a man to look and feel healthy and rejuvenated.