A Spring Facial Can Breathe New Life Into Your Skin

spring facial for menSpring is a time of renewal and fresh starts, with lots of new opportunities to attend events and meet new people. With winter behind us – we hope – we’re ready to get out in the sunshine and fresh air!

Why not put your best face forward?

The cold and wind and dryness of winter has done a number on your skin and you may not even realize it. Is your face a little more irritated after shaving? Are you noticing more crows’ feet or maybe your face thinks it’s the second coming of puberty? Signature Male can help!

A lot of men shy away from getting a “facial” at a “spa” – but they shouldn’t.  There are so many amazing benefits to be realized from taking care of your skin and there’s no reason the ladies should reap them all!

  1. Clearer Skin: Higher testosterone produces higher levels of oil which creates blackheads and pimples. If you try to extract the blackheads yourself, you can cause some major damage to your skin, leaving larger pores and scars and more noticeable red welts.
  2. Smoother Shave: The winter wind, the cold and the extremely dry air all conspire to make your facial skin rougher, drier and more susceptible to razor burn and other shaving irritations.
  3. Toned Facial Muscles: You may work those lats and traps at the gym every other day, but how often do you work out your facial muscles? You don’t. Your skin and the underlying musculature can get a little too “relaxed” making you age faster than you’d like.
  4. Relaxation: Many men in today’s society have a hard time truly relaxing and it can be obvious in the stress carried on their faces. You don’t realize how tight the muscles around your mouth can get from all that tension until AFTER it’s not there anymore.

The specialists at Signature Male know just how to combat all of the abuse you subject your face to every single day. They will coax a brand new, fresh looking, younger appearance out of your tired mug in no time at all with one of our specialized facial treatments. There are several different rejuvenating treatment levels, with something perfect for everyone from the novice to the veteran.

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